Natural simplicity. Artisan manufacturing.

Since 2016 we design and manufacture eco-friendly garments in Europe using local workshops and 100% washed linen.

100% washed eco linen

Linen is our main fabric. Considered the oldest fabric known, it is naturally antibacterial and extremely durable. It is machine washable, dries quickly and strengthens with wear.

The production process requires much less water than cotton, and almost the entire flax plant can be used, which means there is very little plant waste.

Our linen comes from Lithuania and is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.

Our Process

Locally crafted

We design and manufacture all of our garments from Gijón, north of Spain, supporting local fair economy and ensuring a high-quality artisan process for each and every piece.

Our values

  • Ethical Manufacturing

    Respect for our employees and collaborators is a priority for us, as well as for the environment.

  • Sustainability

    Produce the best clothing with minimum environmental impact favouring materials such as linen.

  • Pleasing Aging

    We believe in the durability of clothing, that's why we create designs that can last you a lifetime and always look good.